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Ancestor Searching Newsletter, Volume 1, # 10

Townships and Ranges

With the expansion of the country westward after the Louisiana Purchase, exploration began of the frontier to learn more about the recent land acquisition. As the federal government became more organized, it was decided to open these lands to the general population. The plan was two-fold. First, offer plots to soldiers for their military service and secondly, to sell off as much of the remaining land as possible to raise money for the young republic. To provide for the fairest distribution of the still mostly unmapped and very diverse two and a quarter million square miles, the government divided up the land into squares.


Ancestor Searching Newsletter, Volume 1, # 9

Getting Past 'Brick Walls'

A 'Brick Wall' in genealogy is a dead-end that you have reached in your research. It may be a small problem or a much larger one. You may have exhausted every avenue of research and are totally frustrated and at a loss.


Ancestor Searching Newsletter, Volume 1, # 8

Census Research

The most basic of research tools that genealogists use are the Federal and state census records that have been taken since 1790.

Ancestor Searching Newsletter, Volume 1, # 7

BREAKING NEWS and Cemetery Researching

Many of you have been anxiously awaiting another chance for a special night of researching along the lines of our ‘Sitting Up with the Dead’ night that we hosted back on June 2nd. Well....

Your wait is over !

Ancestor Searching Newsletter, Volume 1, # 6

Land and Property

According to E. Wade Hone in his book Land & Property Research, there are 3 important reasons for land records.

Ancestor Searching Newsletter, Volume 1, # 5

Researching Military Service Records

As we are all aware, genealogy research takes us into a world of literally volumes and volumes of written records. Our hope is that each and every person we research will have left some kind of records behind that will aid us in learning more about the person and lead us in the right direction in tracing that particular family surname.

Ancestor Searching Newsletter, Volume 1, # 4

Genealogy Courses

There’s an old adage that’s been around for years that goes ‘You learn something new everyday’. No matter where we are in life, this can be a truth each day.

Ancestor Searching Newsletter, Volume 1, # 3

Library Genealogy Databases and New Books

If you couldn’t make it this past Friday evening, June 2nd, you missed a GREAT experience with our ‘Sitting Up with the Dead’ night in the Heritage Room. We had a VERY enjoyable evening of researching, eating and conversation with an ANXIOUS group of people wanting to do genealogy with even some from out-of-state, namely Tennessee and even one from Georgia! The night was a HUGE success and, yes, we WILL be doing it again!

Ancestor Searching Newsletter, Volume 1, # 2

Big Plans and New Addition!

This month I’ve got not ONE but TWO REALLY BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS that should be of interest to everyone!!

You may have heard someone else comment in the Heritage Room, “ If ya’ll will just make sure the doors are locked, I would LOVE to spend the night up here working on my research.”


Ancestor Searching Newsletter, Volume 1, # 1

Welcome to the first edition of the genealogy newsletter now being offered by the Huntsville – Madison County Public Library’s Heritage Room. Our kickoff today has been planned to coincide with our celebration of National Library Week (this week).