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How to Do Things. Feng Shui: The Flow of Chi Energy within the Home

Part 1 of our 3-part program series about feng shui.  For more information, visit go.hmcpl.org/fengshui2014.

This workshop consists of three parts:

  • What chi energy is and what it tends to do within a home
  • Why some energy is considered to be harsh and how to counter it
  • How to locate the powerful spots within a room.

Feng shui master Clear Englebert explains the different kinds of feng shui, the basic dynamics of chi energy flow, and how to apply the principles in your home.  He’ll show how to maximize chi’s beneficial flow and retain it to circulate within. Emphasis is placed on areas where a person spends the most time, such as the bed, desk, or lounge chair.  Clear discusses the importance of doors and windows, as well as the effect of clutter and how to eliminate it.  Common interior features such as open beams, ceiling fans, and sharp right corners can affect the energy in a room.  Clear covers furniture selection and placement, as well as handling tight, crowded situations.  Other topics include inviting harmony, prosperity, and health with this ancient Chinese system of placement.  He’ll put feng shui principles in everyday language, so that anyone can understand, and he’ll explain the solutions to each problem.  Clear offers feng shui changes that can be done within any decorating style.

Clear will be happy to sign books after his talk.  Books are available through pre-order at Barnes & Noble Bridge Street.  For more information, call 327-8700.


About Clear Englebert

Clear Englebert is an Alabama native.  In 1971, at age 19, he opened his first Huntsville bookstore, A Good Book Store, in Five Points.  In 1978, he founded Books as Seeds, and in 1989, Opening Books (a 501c3 library and gift shop).  He managed at Green Apple Books, San Francisco’s largest independent bookstore, and at Pearly Gates Natural Foods in Huntsville. With decades of experience in retail visual merchandizing, Clear began a career as a residential interior consultant in Hawaii in 1994.  His feng shui practice began there in 1995, and blossomed when he moved to San Francisco in 1996.  He emphasizes common sense in his approach to feng shui, avoiding consumerism and superstition.  A recognized feng shui expert, he has appeared on television, radio, and in the print media.  He has written five highly-acclaimed books on feng shui, the first published in 2000.  His books are: Feng Shui Demystified, Bedroom Feng Shui, Feng Shui for Hawaii, Feng Shui for Hawaii Gardens, and most recently Feng Shui for Retail Stores.  Clear’s books are available in four languages.  For more information, visit fungshway.com.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
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