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Sister 2 Sister: Holy Ghost Corner

Savvy forty-something businesswoman Theresa Hopson just can't figure it out. Through hard work, spectacular Sunday hats, and "Saved Hoochie Mama" underwear, she's made her Miss Thang's Holy Ghost Corner and Church Women's Boutique one of the hottest new stores in Durham, North Carolina. She's stayed strong in her Walk (thanks to the Fayetteville Gospel United Church and tell-you-'bout-your-business church elder Miss Queen-Esther). And she lives by the high standards she's convinced she needs to succeed. Yet Theresa can't find the kind of strong and centered mighty man of God she'd want to marry. Watching Durham's most eccentric resident, Baby Doll Henderson-famous for her eye-catching false teeth and jelly sandals and knee socks-land a loving husband makes Theresa wonder why she's still single. It never occurs to her that maybe she needs to lose the sorry lot of men she has found...

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Holy Ghost Corner
Michele Andrea Bowen
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Saturday, January 20, 2007 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
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